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About us

It took more than 15 years running American style Chinese restaurant for the family to gather the capital, courage and enthusiastic to open an authentic Chinese restaurant specializing in the food of their hometown—Shaanxi province, best known for Terra Cotta Warrior and Silk Road.

We aim to inherit the essence of human history, spread authentic local culture, and through providing healthy, delicious, and express food to help people improve the quality of life.

About shanxi cuisine

Shaanxi cuisine, is derived from the native cooking style of Shaanixi province and parts of northwestern China. Also, due to its geographical location between the provinces of Shaanxi and Szechuan, the taste of Shaanxi food resulted to sour and spicy.

In daily meal, noodles consisted of greater portion than rice. The noodles there are nearly always wider, thicker, and longer. Famous Biang-Biang noodle, touted as one of the “eight strange wonders of Shaanxi” are described as being like a belt, owing to their width and length. When the noodles are thrown on the chopping board, we will make a sound of Biang-Biang /beyond-beyond/. . Another famous noodle dish is Qi-Shan noddle soup with sour spicy pork. This dish served with thin, chewy, and long noodles. The highlight is the soup, it is the soul of the dish.

Can buns be stuffed in meat? That is how the Shaanxi people name one of the special local food: Rou Jia Mo, the calling just want to emphasize how delicious the meat are.

Can cold noodle be eaten at cold weather? The Shaanxi style cold noodle—Liang-Pi is still popular even in severe winter. The warming effect of the seasoning make you hot and make it always short supply.

Shaanxi style lamb stew is one of worldwide popular Chinese dish. . Lamb or mutton meats are the best choice to protect you from bitter cold, can warm your stomach, your body, and your soul.

Due to that Shaanxi is a famous Buddhist holy land, people like to eat small cold dishes with variety of veggies. They are all common materials, but with different flavors, savory, sweet and sour, numb and spicy, or rich soy aroma, delicious and healthy.